Catalyst Coaching



For Individuals: Personal, Professional & Leadership.
We address where you are stuck.
We go directly & lovingly to the core causes.
We catalyze & map forward movement.


“After 27 years, my job was becoming increasingly toxic. I felt hopeless, tired and worn out, and that there was nothing I could do to make any more long term meaningful impact. There was lack of support from others and working with the families I served was getting more and more difficult. I felt stuck, and I was ready to move on. I knew I couldn’t stay or it was going to kill me. I knew I needed to leave, but I was afraid. I didn’t know how to go about leaving, where I was going, what I wanted to do or how to take the next step. I didn’t know how to leave my job and transition to retirement in another country.

Through processes in our coaching sessions, I remembered times in my life, as I child and young adult, when I knew there was more about there. More to see. Bigger things to do. In those times, I did not have fear or hesitation. I had a knowing. I didn’t know where I was going but nothing was going to hold me back. I realized I had been living these last years under a blanket of heaviness. In our sessions, I had a realization that there was no reason to be fearful of my next steps. I could just make a decision, set a date to leave my job and move forward. Since then, I have this feeling of contentment and knowing. A sense of relief and strength. The fear disappeared, and I feel light. Like earlier in my life, I don’t know exactly what is ahead of me but I feel good about where I’m going.

I appreciated John’s gentle guidance through the process. He was there to support me but I did the work. It was so comfortable and I was at ease. I got to where I wanted to go without having to tell my well worn stories. It was really about the essence and energy of what happened.”

~ K.G. – Educator & Social Worker ~


We co-create: Rather than a setup that assumes an expert imparts knowledge to a novice, our sessions cultivate our composite wisdom. From this co-creation, new catalyzing experiences, insights and pathways emerge.

We use our intuition: While logical strategies, plans and solutions have their place, we use our intuition, or knowing without proof, to reveal the core causes of the stuckness and alternative, workable ways forward.

We work effectively and efficiently: We use tools that make a real impact… Motivating real forward movement. And we get to the point; most clients report significant unsticking after one or two sessions.

No magical thinking or over-promising: Quick unrealistic fixes usually make the problem worse in the long run. Our intent is to catalyze & map forward movement… The impactful “ah-ha” that wakes you up. Then you walk, step by step, on your unique path with the support you need, out of stuckness.

No secret, expensive coaching methods: No “elite life changing” program will be revealed to you if you pay the (possibly ridiculous) fee. Our coaching process is transparent and unfolds uniquely for each person. Coaching is accessible to all via the pay-based-on-your-means model (see below).

No BS: The coaching industry is rife with any and all manner of duplicity. Rather than overriding obstacles to reach our goals, our work together is about our emerging wholeness… Taking the time to address what needs attention… And looking at ourselves with kind truthfulness.


“Since childhood, anything related to finances with my parents has always felt scary and overwhelming. When I was growing up, they were constantly stressed about money, which lead to me being stressed about receiving gifts or financial support from them. After their financial situation greatly improved later in life, they offered to help me buy a house, but I was too intimidated to pursue it. Though coaching, I realized I had a choice to move past my family’s trauma around money and confrontation. John helped me see the path that I needed to take, being clear about my desires and leading my family into healthier relating. After doing some hard evolutionary work on my own and initiating a series of conversations with my parents, my relationship with them is much stronger and more nourishing. And, I am on track to buy a house with their help!

I feel deeply seen by John. Working with him gives me a level of accountability I have always craved. In situations where I have felt disempowered and confused, John has helped me to look dead-on at my worst obstacles, to chart a transformational path through them, and to step forward in open-hearted strength.”

~ E.M. – Trauma Counselor ~


Persistent, unwanted life pattern.
Not using voice & potential.
Dream unrealized.
Unsatisfying, toxic job.
Dissatisfaction & lack of meaning.
Uncertain how to move forward.


“I received coaching from John after a long period of feeling stuck in my professional life. I had so many ideas, yet was unable to to really get traction in any area and I felt like I was spinning. I thought it was a matter of just choosing a path, sticking with it, and being accountable to someone around it. However, my sessions with John revealed that the source of my stuckness was much deeper – it traced back to unresolved childhood wounds and an aversion I had to certain parts of myself. He expertly guided me into that shadow place and helped me to first see and then BE with those parts that I had been unconsciously avoiding. In addressing the source of those self sabotaging patterns, my relationship to them shifted rather quickly and after only a couple sessions, I also felt movement and momentum externally on the work front.

John is incredibly intuitive and has a vast range of modalities which he incorporates in his sessions, using intuition as his guide. His pacing and attunement creates a sense of safety to go deep. If you’re looking for greater joy and flow in your life, John is your man! ”

~ J.L. – Former U.S Goverment Employee ~


FREE INITIAL VIDEO CALL: If you are interested in coaching or have questions, let’s set up a free initial video call via Zoom (20-30 minutes) to see if we are a good fit to work together. Additionally, because our sessions are direct and difficult things tend to arise, we want to see if my style and skills match your needs and timing.

COST: You set your own session price based on your intuition, your means and any other applicable factors. I do this in part, because I want sessions to be accessible to everyone. But also, setting your price is a critical aspect of our coaching together; it helps activate and deepen your awareness of where you are, what you want and your innate capacities to move forward. Some clients report this process feels daunting and has even delayed their start to coaching. If that’s you and regardless, I will walk you through your session price setting process: I will email you more info to think about and we can talk about it during our initial call.

LOCATION: Zoom video meeting. In person sessions (upon request) will resume in Denver, Colorado after the COVID-19 pandemic. FYI: It is critical that we can visually see each other. So phone only is not preferred.

AVAILABILITY: When you set up your initial call, let me know some days and time ranges you are available and your time zone. I’m in Denver, Colorado (MST). My schedule varies, and I schedule sessions on my available days from late morning until about 10pm.

LENGTH: Most regular sessions go 1.5-2 hours; we end at a good stopping point. Our free initial call is 20-30 minutes.

Contact me to set up your free initial video call.


“I was recognizing this pattern where I have skills and I have ideas about what I want to do with my career and my life, but I just kept starting over. The grass was always greener. I was really unsettled. I didn’t have any traction. It felt like I needed some help. I needed a push or something.

During our session, what I was looking for was somebody trustworthy that can model having their sh*t together. Someone who could listen. Vulnerability. Openness. I got that sense from John pretty much right way. He was a safe person to talk to. And he was worth opening up to.

Meeting John and doing our session was a catalyst for getting on a healthier path for me. For example, I started a meditation practice. It’s amazing the space that’s opened up. It’s started to become a safe and familiar place to land rather than an uncomfortable thing to do. Some of the areas I’ve been stuck like relationship and career, I don’t feel as stuck. I’m not like Lazarus. Magically cured. Back from the dead. There is still a lot of sh*t I’m going through, but I feel my relationship to that sh*t is shifting.”
~ A.S. – Arborist ~



“Working with John helped me to achieve the clarity and confidence I needed, in order to make the long overdue pivot toward doing work that is more aligned with who I am. Up until then I didn’t even know where to start. His approach of co-creating the coaching process with me along with incorporating mindfulness into each of our sessions, made all difference. This personalized approach took me from a place of being stuck to that of actually beginning to have an exciting vision of what I wanted for myself and the courage to take some action. I highly recommend working with him.”

~ F.C. – Emerging Aligned Professional ~