Group Unsticking



Resilience + Communication Training, Conflict Resolution & Facilitated Transformations
For Teams, Workplaces, Businesses, Nonprofits, Organizations & Communities.
We learn to do groups well.
We cultivate group resilience, vitality & relational health.
We skillfully work with stuckness, difference & inevitable or current conflict in your group.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, in-person group facilitation is suspended. I am offering versions of this work via Zoom.

We generally don’t do groups well in our culture: With the best of intentions, we get together together to start a business, to do something we love or because we need to form a team to complete a task. But even with our best intentions, we invariably get bogged down: Our teams get stuck or stop getting along. Our work environment can become toxic or stagnate, and we can no longer be our full selves and give our gifts to our group. We can feel depleted or heavy or numb… Like the life has been sucked out of what we love. Or we are simply unable to work at the potential we know we have.

This stuckness is normal.

It’s a natural part of all groups. It’s a message to let us know that we are ripe for growth and evolution. And it’s a huge opportunity to unleash our collective genius and vitality. We simply never learned how to skillfully navigate this part of our our process… A process that every organization goes through.

We can learn to get unstuck and continue to unearth and evolve our potential. We can co-create healthy, satisfying, thriving workplaces.  We can practice skillfully working with difficult, complex and unaddressed relational dynamics and transform our conflict and difference into helpful energies that feed our creativity, strength and aliveness. We can unstick our old stories, discover our pathways to heal what needs to be healed and write new stories that, with increasing satisfaction, serve why we came together.

Some of our areas of practice and development:

    • Plant and nurture the seeds of team health: Practice habits that create greater satisfaction, connection and trust. Forming heath, resilience and capacity for amazing things
    • Build relational capacity based on human connection: Reinforce “what we are, rather than what we are not” and “why we are doing this”.
    • Normalize and harness the transformational power of our ongoing emergence: From connection through friction to higher intelligence… That spirals into greater and greater health, consciousness and capacity.
    • Learn to work skillfully with and utilize the power of our difference: Cultivate our interconnectedness and use our diversity as our engine of creativity, growth and “magic”. Meet and harness our eclectic range of capacities.  Practice cultivation of empathy, awareness each others point of view give and the giving and receiving of healthy feedback… even if we don’t agree.
    • Build awareness of projection and transference: Practice separation what is actually “in the room” from what we bring in from elsewhere.
    • Distribute our shared experiences: Movement away from over-expressing of polarities by specific group members into the actual spectrum of experiences that exist in the team.
    • Uncover underlying interests and interpersonal roles: Cultivate a willingness to proceed in good faith for the good of the whole. Develop awareness our roles and how we are all integral parts of a “living system” and how, within our team, we often “represent” larger energies for our identities and our communities.
    • Build our capacity for being, allowing and unfolding: Balance our bias towards making things happen with more space for insights, deeper listening and connection to ourselves and each other.
    • Unstick from past challenges: Lovingly hospice needs to die. And write the story we actually want to write.
    • Co-create an environment where we love to be: Where we feel deep satisfaction. Where we feel safe, supported and valued in our difference. Where we have the skills to navigate difficulty. Where we feel at home.

Hi! I’m John Shapiro. It is my honor, purpose and delight to guide groups out of stuck places… Through their healing processes… Into greater love, connection and resilience… And completing my role as the group learns to self-sufficiently nurture their own ongoing evolution. I’m part facilitator, part healing guide, part mediator, part communication trainer and part “Swiss Army knife” resource available to best serve the group wherever needed. I help groups of all stripes: work teams, businesses, organizations, non-profits, etc.. Unleash their collective genius, health and satisfaction…. Awesome-ify their relationships… Evolve their communication… And turn their difficulties and difference into opportunities. Read more about me…